How to Maintain Earth-Moving Machinery

Doing maintenance on your earth-moving machinery is important so major problems are prevented. In a mining site, the last thing you’d want is an equipment that malfunctions. Improper maintenance or not doing a maintenance at all can shorten the lifespan of the machinery. This will lead to costly repair and frequent breakdowns that slows down your operations. You can prevent all these including injuries by following the tips below.  

Keep the Machinery Lubricated 

The moving parts of any machine is going to fail if they are not lubricated properly. If there is no lubrication, the engine parts will work harder that will create excess friction. This friction will then lead to sever wear and tear on the machine. Do you know the meaning of this? The lifespan of these parts will shorten. You can avoid this machinery destruction by lubricating the moving parts in a specific interval.  


Clean the Machinery Well 

Aside from the proper lubrication, the earth-moving machinery also needs to stay clean a possible. Since the mining site is dirty, the machine will get all the dirt and debris. Once the dirt gets accumulated in the machine, it will lead to costly repairs. The parts of such machine is fitted with special filters and seals that will keep the grime out of the sensitive areas, they serve as a protection.  

It needs cleaning so they won’t be blogged up by excessive dirt. The should be kept clean, the broken seals should be repaired and the filters should get regular inspection. You can also keep the machinery clean by housing it in a building, like a garage or shed.  


Regular Maintenance 

Doing regular inspection and repair is not enough to keep the machinery in a good condition. There should be a schedule of the regular maintenance. The schedule should include notations on how often you should inspect each parts. This notation should include the schedule for inspection, repair and general maintenance. Your maintenance should be consistent.  

The seals and gaskets should be inspected regularly. The pulleys and belts should be check for proper alignment. If there are broken parts they should be replaced immediately. The moving parts should be lubricated.  


Pay Attention to Wear and Tear 

During your operations, you might see signs of wear and tear. These signs should be taken care of immediately. If you don’t, it might result to malfunctions that will need a diesel mechanic brisbane. Some of these signs are belt shape, heat and vibration. The vibration is caused by gear glitches and misaligned belts. High temperature than normal is caused by overuse or improper lubrication. Misaligned belts are caused by many issues that need to be repaired right away.  


Train the Employees 

If you are keeping the machine in its good shape but those who operate it are not skilled, it’s still useless. The employees, especially the new ones, should be trained thoroughly. The training will help the employees operate the machinery in a safe manner. This way, everyone is safe and the machinery is kept in its top shape.  

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4 Benefits of Regular Car Oil Change

Every one of us wants our car to last for a long time, but not all of us is doing exactly what needs to be done. For example, regular oil changes at specific intervals is a necessary thing to do but not everyone practice doing such thing. If you want to save yourself from the inconvenience of repairs and breakdowns, do an oil change as part of your routine maintenance. You can hire a Mobile diesel mechanic brisbane to do this if you don’t want your hands to get dirty. Besides, there are services out there that offers a multi-point inspection as part of your regular maintenance. The following are the benefits you’re going to get.  

Keeps the Engine Clean 

When the oil flows from other parts of the vehicle into the engine, it brings particles and dirt with it. The dirt and other debris gets accumulated over time. If you don’t change oils at the proper interval, the dirt will begin to build up. If you live in a place where there’s dirt and dust everywhere, the more particles will make its way through the engine. Together with filter replacement, oil change is an important part of your maintenance. You won’t know the extent of damage that dirty oil can bring to your car.  


Longer Engine Life 

The lifeblood of your body is our blood, and the lifeblood of your vehicle is the oil. Its job is to protect and lubricate the engine and its parts from getting damaged. But the oil gets dirty especially if it accumulates dirt from daily commute. This is the reason why your oil should be changed in specific intervals so the engine is protected and clean. Aside from the oil, you should change the filter too. This will save you lots of money, time and hassle. Think of this as an investment that will help you prolong the engine life of your vehicle.  


Protects the Crucial Parts of Your Engine  

Why is oil important in your car? Your car has an engine that’s responsible for making it work and drive. The engine has key parts in it that make it run. Some of these parts are connecting rods and crank shaft. These rods will control the pistons inside cylinder of the engine. Another key part is the camshaft that assists in closing and opening of the exhaust valves. These are just few examples of the critical parts of the engine. If the oil is not clean, the engine won’t work properly. You will then have problems with the system. It’s essential to change the oik to keep the engine moving and running.  


Better Engine Performance 

Once the engine is protected, you are ensured that it will have a better performance. Imagine this, an unchanged oil gets the vehicle to break down easily because of heat exposure. This will cause it to lose the engine’s viscosity and ability to lubricate the engine parts. If the oil is dirty, then it becomes hard for the engine to work. Keeping the oil clean leads to a better engine performance.  

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6 Signs that Your Vehicle Needs Repaired

Having troubles with your car is frustrating, especially if you’re going to work and it suddenly malfunctions in the middle of the road. You know your car so much, you should be able to tell that it’s not on its good shape. Knowing the minor signs of damage can save you money and time. In this article, we’ll tell you the warning signs that you should be aware of so your vehicle can get the repair it needs.  

Sudden Transmission Issue 

Other signs that your vehicle is having trouble is when you notice some difficulty when it comes to getting up to speed or having weird operating sounds. Call a professional or take your car to your trusted mechanic who specializes in transmission repair.  



Leaks are also signs of vehicle trouble. If you see major leaks on the ground where you parked your car, call a car repair mechanic as soon as possible. If the major leaks occur from time to time, the sooner you should visit a professional. Check the front of your car and see if dark/red brown and bright green colored liquids are leaking. But if you see fresh water dripping from the front seat then that’s a normal leak.  



If you notice droning or dragging noises, they could come from the wheels. This is a sign of differential bearing or wheel bearing going bad. If you hear squealing or grinding noise, it could mean that your brakes need to be checked. Bringing your vehicle to a local shop will help you diagnose the problem.  


Flashing Check Engine Lights 

One of the major signs that there’s something wrong with your car is the flashing check engine lights. We’ve met a lot of people who disregarded this sign and ended up paying a lot for the repair. This flashing check engine lights could mean that you should check your engine as early as possible. When the light on your dash that shows an engine-looking symbol, you should check your engine immediately. This means that the emission system is experiencing a problem, and it might damage the catalytic converter if not repaired.  


Smoke Under the Hood 

A well-functioning vehicle should never have smoke coming under the hood. If you’re experiencing this, then your car is experiencing overheating. If you continue driving your car without checking this problem first, then it could severely damage the engine. Always keep your eye on the temperature gauge on your dashboard to make sure it’s not going up.  


Excessive Smoke From Exhaust 

An excessive smoke from the exhaust means that there’s an oil leak. If you also notice a burning smell, it means that your vehicle is experiencing major problems. If you’re transitioning to cold season, you will get white smoke first. This will subside once the engine temperature increases. But if you notice excessive smoke coming from the exhaust while you drive, check the bumper area. If you see a black residue, make sure to call a mobile truck mechanic brisbane 

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